Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines 2022

Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines

You should check the reviews of the best refrigerant recovery machine if you want to find the best device to recover the refrigerants from your cooling equipment. Before repairing or conducting repairs on air conditioners, freezers, or refrigerators, technicians use a recovery machine to retrieve the refrigerants for potential reuse and recycling.

It’s worth finding a durable and high-quality refrigerant recovery machine because it is one of the most costly devices owned by technicians and contractors. Here I will bring you to the best refrigerant recovery machines, and I hope you can decide the most suitable product for you after reading this post.

Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines 2022

1. Robinair RG3 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair (RG3 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine – 115V, 60Hz, for Both Liquid and Vapor Refrigerant, White

Robinair RG3 Portable refrigerant recovery machine is worth your investment since it is fast, lightweight, and affordable. With the weight of 18 pounds and 40% smaller footprint, this machine is easy to carry, and it is fancied for superior portability.

The Robinair RG3 is simple to use and suitable for any residential and appliance-sized recovery task, from a rooftop to a marine HVAC system. This device is designed to withstand even harsh conditions, and it can recover both liquid and vapor refrigerants with the oil-less compressor.

The cross-flow design features the fan and condenser layout that is maximized for shorter cycle times and providing high efficiency. If the pressure rises above 550 psi, the machine will automatically be shut off since it is equipped with a high-pressure safety shut-off switch.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Able to handle most refrigerants
  • Recover both liquid and vapor
  • Shorter cycle times


  • This product comes with a short hose, and it is not ideal for high-volume jobs

2. Robinair RG6 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair RG6 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine – 115V AC, 60 Hz

The Robinair RG6 refrigerant recovery machine a rugged and tough machine with fast recovery rates. With significant performance and speed, this product is an ideal choice for today’s busy technicians.

Robinair RG6 refrigerant recovery machine is optimized for speed in all environments, including high temperatures. This product comes with a larger condenser area and a larger fan for maximum cooling and shorter cycle times. The oil-less compressor allows it to recover both liquid and vapor refrigerants.

Another plus point of this product is the self-purge feature to save time and eliminate the potential for cross-contamination. Using this product is safe since the machine will automatically shut off when the pressure rises above 550 PSI.


  • Fast recovery rates
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Better cooling and shorter cycle times


  • This machine seems to work slower after using for a long time

3. Robinair 34788NI-H Premier Refrigerant Recovery

Robinair 34788NI-H Premier R-134A Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Machine for Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Vehicles

The Robinair 34788NI-H Premier refrigerant recovery machine delivers unmatched efficiency for high-voltage and standard systems. This product features an industry-leading 98.5% recovery efficiency for standard and hybrid vehicles.

This new version features a more expansive graphical display and automatic features such as leak testing, automatic refrigerant refill, and oil drain. This product also provides you with the ability to add a printer, USB data sharing, refrigerant identifier, and a wireless module for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication.

The visual and audible alarm warns the user when the service is complete or a problem happens. Simultaneously, the vacuum leak test tracks the level after the evacuation and notifies the potential for leakage. Additionally, automatic air purge removes system-damaging air without tracking gauges or opening valves.


  • Multilingual display
  • Vacuum leak detection
  • Refrigerant management system
  • Larger graphical display


  • This product comes at a high price

4. Appion G5TWIN Twin Cylinder Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Appion G5TWIN Twin Cylinder Recovery Unit

The Appion G5Twin refrigerant recovery machine is a combination of creativity and convenience. With the light and modern system, this product is built to meet both commercial and industrial refrigerant recovery requirements.

The weight of this product is 24 pounds, so it is easy to handle. This model can be used for all common R410A, R-134a, R-22, and R-407C refrigerants. Moreover, this product can recover both liquid and vapor refrigerants without the need to throttle.

For a pleasant, robust, and efficient operation, the G5 comes with twin cylinders, twin condensers, a refrigerant-isolated crankcase, and a turbine fan blasting over 700cfm+ of airflow.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Cool and high-efficient operation
  • Superior performance
  • Easy to handle


  • Hardly any cons found

5. DreamJoy Refrigerant Recovery Machine

DreamJoy 1/2HP Refrigerant Recovery Machine Portable 115V AC Refrigerant Recycling Machine Automotive HVAC 558psi Refrigerant Recovery Unit Air Conditioning Repair Tool (115V)

The DreamJoy refrigerant recovery machine receives a lot of good feedback because it works quieter than most models on the market. Thanks to the single-cylinder design, this product features excellent recovery performance.

The oil-less compressor allows the unit to recover both liquid and vapor refrigerants while extra-large fans and condensers ensure maximum cooling and shorter cycle times. Moreover, this product is also built to provide the ideal speed in all conditions.

DreamJoy refrigerant recovery machine can handle almost all refrigerants, and it can work with all common CFC, HFC, HCFC Refrigerants, including the R-410A IEC connector and power cord. There are also some safety features such as a high-pressure safety shut-off switch and self-purging valve design.


  • Superior recovery performance
  • Comfortable handles and simple controls
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


This product shuts off at 12 psi, not at 15 psi

6. Inficon Vortex Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Inficon Vortex Dual, Refrigerant Recovery Machine, 714-202-G1

Inficon Vortex Dual refrigerant recovery machine is well-known for being one of the most powerful models on the market. This product is also fancied for its excellent warranty service.

By providing a complete 1 HP dual piston compressor, this product provides the fastest speed with industry-leading recovery rates available. Combining an oversize fan and a special microchannel condenser contributes to continuous speed at the hottest room temperatures.

That’s not all, this product also ensures ease of use with the help of two-valve operation with self-purge. The gauges are also large and easy to read. One more plus point of this product is the 3-year warranty with durable construction.


  • Effortless to use
  • Durable metal knobs
  • Heavy-duty blow-molded case
  • 3-year replacement warranty
  • Well-built machine


  • This product comes at quite a high price

7. Yellow Jacket 95760 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

YELLOW JACKET 95760 Recovery Recoverxlt Machine, 115V/60 Hz

The Yellow Jacket 95760 refrigerant recovery machine features the single-valve control for fast switching from liquid to vapor and to purge. This product also features fast recovery and quieter operation to provide you with the best convenience in use.

The Constant Pressure Regulator (CPR) valve controls the compressor’s refrigerant and reduces the technician’s need to throttle the suction valve. You can enjoy the great power with the combination of advanced 1/2 hp, 3425 rpm oil-less compressor, and precision valves.

One good point of this refrigerant recovery machine is that it has the indicator signals “recovery complete”. Additionally, the machine shuts off when the unit reaches 13″ of vacuum, and it will automatically restart when system pressure rises.


  • Precision valves
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy of carrying
  • High performance


  • Bad customer service

8. VIVOHOME Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

VIVOHOME 110-120V AC 60Hz 3/4HP Single Cylinder Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

The Vivohome refrigerant recovery machine does not only feature the portable size, but it also has an affordable price that is ideal for residential works or light commercial purposes. Transporting this unit is effortless with the compact design.

Moreover, this refrigerant recovery is also eye-catching, durable, and reliable. Therefore, it becomes a favorite choice for many users. High efficiency is also one of the reasons for investing in this machine.

The maximum recovery speed of this compressor is 3/4 HP, which quickly recovers vapor and liquid refrigerants. Additionally, the compressor will automatically shut off when the pressure inside the system is above 38.5 bar to ensure safe operation.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable and reliable
  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Quickly recover vapor and liquid refrigerants


No light indicator to show when it’s done

9. Mophorn HO-S600 Refrigerant Recovery

Mophorn HO-S600 R-134A A/C Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Machine

The Mophorn HO-S600 refrigerant recovery machine has a wide application, and it is commonly seen in auto repair shops or maintenance stores. Whether you need a refrigerant recovery machine for household, commercial air conditioning, or automotive air conditioning, the Mophorn HO-S600 refrigerant recovery machine can be a great choice.

Thanks to the simple and straightforward operation interface, this machine is effortless to use, and it just requires low technical requirements. After setting the parameter, recycling, filling, vacuuming, and leak detection will be controlled by the microcomputer processor.

That’s not all, this product is also equipped with 4 portable wheels for easy moving. The precision silicone oil meter provides more stability and accuracy. You may regret it if you miss such a multi-functional product like the Mophorn HO-S600 refrigerant recovery machine.


  • Effortless to use
  • Suitable for various purposes and scenes
  • Stable and accurate
  • Low technical requirements
  • Excellent performance
  • High-quality


  • High price

What To Look For When Buying The Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine?

There are so many factors of the refrigerant recovery machine that a user should know. If you want to pick up the right product, you should go through the tips below.

Single Or Twin-Cylinder?

A single-cylinder refrigerant recovery machine is less powerful than the twin-cylinder model. However, the twin-cylinder model usually comes at a higher price, so you should consider your budget before buying. If you need a faster machine, the twin-cylinder refrigerant recovery machine should be your choice, while the single-cylinder model can be an economical choice.


The compressor of the refrigerant recovery machine usually comes with two types: oil-less or oil-based. Typically, the older version of the hermetic compressor was oil-based, and this type needs more maintenance, oil level tracking, residual oil flushing out, and so on.

Nowadays, most compressors are oil-less, and they can recover both liquid and vapor refrigerants. And they also do not need much maintenance like the oil-based model.


The refrigerant recovery unit can weigh around 20 pounds to 40 pounds. Some commercial products can weight up to over 100 pounds. The lighter the machine is, the easier you can carry it around and handle your tasks. Some commercial products are also equipped with wheels to make it easy to move.


Warranty is important for equipment such as refrigerant recovery machines. There are different types of refrigerant recovery machines, such as residential, commercial, or industrial, and the warranties for these types are also different. The warranty on both the overall device and the engine it uses is also not the same. Therefore, you should check the warranty for each product carefully.


A refrigerant recovery unit’s price ranges from $300 to around $700-$1000. The cheaper machine is usually manual or comes with a single-cylinder compressor. Product with higher price offers additional features such as excess pressure warning function, filters, self-purge system, dryers, etc.


There are 3 types of refrigerant recovery machines: small, residential, and commercial.

Small: For refrigerant recovery from your car air conditioning, or smaller air conditioning units from the wall or window.
Residental: More efficient appliances that can accommodate home air conditioning as well as fridges.
Commercial: For the larger HVAC installations (air conditioning installations) located in malls and large shops.

FAQs – Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines 2022

If you are still hesitant about buying one refrigerant recovery machine, you should read some common questions that people always ask.

When buying a refrigerant recovery machine, what features should you consider?

You should look for the refrigerant recover machine with a carbon footprint, easy to operate, and comes with an automatic shut-off feature for safety.

Why is recovery speed essential?

Recovery speed is simply the time it takes to conduct a refrigerant recovery from beginning to end. More efficient devices would have quicker rates of recovery.

Is a refrigerant recovery machine different from the vacuum pump?

A vacuum pump is used to extract all gases and moisture from the refrigerant system. A recovery machine is a vacuum pump that collects the refrigerant and stores it.

Is it easy to use a refrigerant recovery machine?

Yes. It is not difficult to use a refrigerant recovery machine, and you can consult the user manual with step-by-step instructions.

What is refrigerant reclamation?

Refrigerant reclamation is the activity of processing used refrigerant gas that’s been formerly used in some kind of refrigeration system.


In my view, the best refrigerant recovery machine is the Appion G5TWIN Twin Cylinder Refrigerant Recovery Unit since this product is both compact and powerful. Twin cylinders combine with twin condensers contribute to fast recovery and superior performance.

Which is the best refrigerant recovery machine for you? Have you ever worked with one of the nine best refrigerant recovery machines above? Do you know any tips for buying the best refrigerant recovery machines? Do you want to ask something? If Yes, feel free to send me a comment.

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