Best String Cheese 2022

Best string cheeses are what people are always looking for. Do you know that people consume nearly 160 million tons of string cheese each year? This is so far one of the most enjoyed snacks for people from every age. However, each time going to supermarket, I find confused with hundreds of string cheese’ brands on the selves.

I know you might encounter this situation like me. Don’t be worry, I am here to give you a clue on this case! Let’s find out what are the best string cheese and how your life can benefit from this snack!

Best String Cheese 2022

1. Happy Belly Mozzarella String Cheese

Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Mozzarella String Cheese, 12 Count, 12 Ounce Pack

This is an Amazon brand so you can completely confident about its quality. If you are not satisfied with Happy Belly’s products, you can have a fully refund without any explanation.

Furthermore, it is an Amazon fresh product, you can benefit free 2-hour delivery. This fast delivering option helps to prevent the mold problems, which offer occurs due to the long delivering process.

Amazon has designed its package to be very easy to open. With other products, you need to tear the wrapper to open. In this case, you just need peel the pack and enjoy your stick.

Taking about the flavor, it has a moderated taste, not too strong, not too mild, which is suitable for almost everyone. If you are sensitive, you might find this cheese is a little bit salty. However, I find this is not a big problem cause the slight salty taste just incentives my gustation, not break the balance of the cheese.


  • Great flavor
  • Easy to open
  • Trusted brand


  • A little bit salty

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2. Frigo Original String Cheese

Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese (1 oz. pkg., 48 ct.)

You want to try high quality string cheese, yet for wallet-friendly price? Frigo Regular String Cheese is your best choice. Rich flavor, soft texture creamy taste with affordable piece, what are you waiting for more in the string cheese?

Do you know the cheese can indirectly help to prevent heart disease? And not yet, this product can well blend with other foods such as fruits and veggies to provide your dish with fiber, minerals and vitamin C.


  • Relatively low price
  • Benefit to your health
  • Individually wrapped
  • Great snack


  • Not the best packaging

3. Whole Foods Market 365 Organic String Cheese

365 by Whole Foods Market, Cheese String Mozzarella Organic 6 Count, 6 Ounce

With high quality ingredients, great taste and affordable price, Whole Foods Market 365 Organic String Cheese is definitely a good choice to consider. If you have tried this string cheese before, you might feel a little strange with the package.

Indeed, Whole Foods Market has brought to you a new look for their products. However, the quality and price remain as before.

For people who gave gastro issues, this product is 100% safe to your health as the company use non-hormones milk. You need to always keep in it your fridge to conserve the nutrient value of the cheese.


  • Wallet-friendly
  • Good for your health
  • Non GMO ingredients


  • A little salty

4. Whole Foods Market Low-Moisture String Cheese

365 by Whole Foods Market, Cheese String Mozzarella Organic 6 Count, 6 Ounce

This product has a great balance between saltiness and fatty flavor from milk. It has a good bounce and sometimes you can hear squeaky noise when eating. Talking about texture, I find it not too squishy but not too hard.

If you look at the ingredients table, you will find that this option perfectly fits people who follow vegetarian diet. However, like all other Whole Foods Market products, I feel that the ratio of salt is relatively high in this product.

You might feel slightly thirsty after eating these sticks.


  • Suitable for vegetarian people
  • Mild flavor
  • Gluten free


  • Not outstanding flavor, quite salty

5. Whole Foods Market Light String Cheese

365 by Whole Foods Market, Cheese String Mozzarella Light Organic 6 Count, 6 Ounce

If you are looking for a snack that goes with wine, give Whole Foods Market Light String Cheese a try.

You will not want a snack that has strong taste, which overwhelms wine’s flavor, right? Thanks to a mild and slight milky flavor, this product will set off the taste of wine.

Besides, it contains 25% lower calories and 50% less fat content than the regular string cheese, therefore, it will be also a better choice for your health.

However, in my opinion, this cheese lacks the bounce of standard string cheese. If you prefer creamy and strong taste, I don’t think this is a good option for you.


  • Go well with wines
  • Mild flavor
  • Value to money


  • Lack of bouncy

6. Organic Valley 6 oz String Cheese

Organic Valley Stringles Low Moisture Part Skim Organic Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, 6 Ounce

One thing that surprised me lot is this product’s soft, creamy texture. Not too dry, not too moisture, this string cheese deserves all of my compliments.

Although they only use mozzarella as main ingredient, I find its flavor is much deeper than that. I can really feel a breath of Parmesan or Gouda in this string cheese.

The company ensures that they never use antibiotics, synthetic hormone, toxic pesticides and GMO ingredients in their products. Hence, you can feel 100% safe when consuming this string cheese.

One important minus of this product is that its texture is not quite stringy. This feature might affect your experience when eating this snack, especially for children.


  • Great flavor
  • Contain 15% of Calcium
  • Low level of carbs


  • Quite pricey

7. Organic Valley Colby Jack String Cheese

Organic Valley Stringles Organic Colby Jack Cheese Sticks

Colby Jack is like a boat, taking you from experience to experience of taste. At first, you can feel a mild and smooth, a slight milky and creamy taste then a sharper sweetness and tangy will come after.

You can even accompany this string cheese with meat, soup or sandwiches. It is microwave safe so you can easily melt it and add to whatever you like. My little son really enjoys pumpkin soup with melted Colby Jack string cheese.

It is recommended to put it in room temperature before using.


  • Go well with different dishes
  • Multiflavored
  • Buttery taste


  • Pricey

8. Organic Valley Cheddar String Cheese

Organic Valley Stringles Organic Cheddar Cheese Sticks

Are you go on a gluten-free diet? You should not be worried because there is always an alternative choice like Organic Valley Cheddar String Cheese. Moreover, it provides you with 6 grams organic protein per piece, a good amount to recharge your energy during courses.

I love the great balance between saltiness and rich taste. Unlike mozzarella-based string cheese, cheddar string cheese has sharper texture and leave a light bitterness after tasting.


  • Healthy string cheese
  • Fun to eat
  • Perfectly pair with other food in children’ lunchbox


  • Not enough for big family’s use

9. Whole Foods Market Mild Cheddar String Cheese

365 by Whole Foods Market, Cheese String Mozzarella 12 Count, 12 Ounce

Honestly, I am a big fan of Whole Foods Market since products from this company always satisfy my family, about quality as well as price. And here is another option from Whole Foods Market: The Mild Cheddar String Cheese.

If Organic Valley Cheddar String Cheese brings you a quite strong of cheddar, Whole Foods will give you a lighter version of it. This product is somewhere between mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Its skews a little bit acidic but not too much to taste like a sharp cheddar. Personally, I am quite into this string cheese.

Since I consume lots of string cheese, sometimes I feel like I fed up with the mild and slightly milky of mozzarella string cheese. However, I don’t want a too strong flavor as it is a snack and obviously, a flavorful taste will make me keep eating. That is not good for my diet.

Therefore, this option seems to be the best option for my case. With no artificial flavor and naturally attractive taste, this product deserves an irreplaceable place in my fridge.


  • Great flavor
  • Pleasant texture
  • For great healthcare


  • Quite pricey

10. Galbani Part Skim Mozzarella String Cheese

Galbani Part Skim Mozzarella String Cheese, 12 Count

If you are looking for a snack for your kids and even toddlers, check this string cheese from Galbani brand. String cheese from this company contains quick protein, which is optimized for ailing toddlers’ stomach.

Flavor from this string cheese is not too rich, too outstanding for cheese gourmet. However, it is a perfect combination of part skim milk and saltiness. It is made of 100% Mozzarella cheese using pasteurized part-skim milk.


  • Good source of calcium
  • Fairly amount of fat and sodium
  • Trusted producer


  • There may be mold in the cheese because of long delivery time.

11. Sargento Natural String Cheese

Sargento Natural String Cheese Snacks, 12-Count

Based on 2000 calorie diet, each stick provides you 20% calcium, 7 grams of protein and 80 calories. This product provides your body with protein that is more than a serving of almonds, an egg, or peanut butter. Therefore, you can stay positive and productive throughout the day.

You can even make a mouth-watering caprese snack by adding one stick of string cheese, 24 grape tomatoes and 24 fresh basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil. This combination will surely bring you a healthy snack instead of high-cholesterol fried chicken and hot dog.

Each string cheese stick is packed with bold flavor. I find it goes perfectly with a slice of apple or any fruits. However, I find the ratio of acidity in this string cheese is not suitable. You might find a sour taste on the finish.


  • Made from standard milk source
  • No preservatives, extenders and fillers
  • Hormone-free ingredients
  • Packed in convenient container


  • Sour on the finish

12. Kraft Low Moisture Mozzarella String Cheese

Kraft String Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Snacks (12 ct Sticks)

From the first look, Kraft string cheese brings me a different feel from other products since it looks like homemade mozzarella. Each cheese sticks are made from fresh milk and guaranteed the best quality and consistency.

Compared to other products, it is a little more relaxed when eating. Fresh, mild, creamy and, low moisture, that’s how I can describe this cheese.

There are 12 cheese sticks inside one pack, which is ideal for some brunches or a lunch. To preserve its taste and quality, you should keep it in the refrigerator.


  • Excellent quality
  • Healthy choice
  • Sweet and creamy
  • Pleasant texture


Some argument about the level of moisture of this product

13. Kraft Whole Milk Creamy Mozzarella String Cheese

Kraft Creamy String Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Snacks with Whole Milk (12 ct Sticks)

If you enjoy creamy texture, go for Kraft Whole Milk Creamy Mozzarella String Cheese. Once you peel it, you will not see dry separated hair just like others, but delightful fine stringy pieces from start to the end.

You can feel a rich, fatty taste in your mouth from the very first bite. Kraft Creamy String Cheese will blow you away with its creamy texture. However, I wouldn’t recommend this product for people who desire to lose weight.


  • Creamy texture and flavor
  • Using rich whole milk
  • Sugar free
  • Easy to bring out


  • Due to its stringy texture, cheese sometimes sticks to the packaging.

Which Are The Best Brands Offering String Cheese?

You can find hundreds of brands offering string cheese on the market. However, after conducting hundreds of purchases and tests, there are three brands that I highly recommend you buy.

Organic Valley

This brand offers you a high quality of cheese in a variety of flavors. As milk is one of the decisive factors to make cheese tasty, Organic Valley feeds their cows with standard grasslands, no pesticides nor substances.

You have a wide range of flavors, from the most basic mozzarella, the organic Colby Jack to hard-to-find cheese tastes like pepper jack and medium cheddar.

Whole Foods Market

Established in 1980, this company has been one of the world’s leader in dairy products with more than 500 stores in the US and UK. Besides offering high quality cheese with excellent flavor, it is also well-known for its economic support programs.

Whole Foods Market uses one part of its revenue to offer low-interest loans to incentive small local producers.


With more than sixty years in expanding cheese industry, Sargento developed team gives you a real cheese tasting experience though their products. They never use processed ingredients, only organic milk, cheese culture, enzymes, and salt for their string cheese. Therefore, you can totally control what you put into the body.

Which Factors You Should Take Into Account When Buying String Cheese?

Although string cheese is just a simple snack, there are some crucial features of string cheese you should take a look on before purchasing.


Although string cheese is not the kind of snack that delivers a strong remarkable taste, you should give a thought on which kind of cheese is used as main ingredient. Most of string cheese on the market today is made of mozzarella.

This cheese has a soft and moist texture. You will experience a strong milky flavor with mozzarella string cheese. This is a good choice for children and people who prefer a light flavor and no aftertaste

Unlike mozzarella, cheddar has a sharp, slightly earthy flavor. The higher levels of bitter peptides in the cheese, the bitter you can taste. Hence, if you want to try a stronger taste of string cheese, go for cheddar. Not to mention, if you are looking for a snack for wine tasting, cheddar is worth to consider.


As I said before, milk is the decisive factor of string cheese. The fresher the milk, the better your cheese will be. Not to mention, if you concern about animal welfare, you should take a look on milk suppliers of string cheese brands. Since companies want to increase their profits, they reduce the cost for animal barns.

Nowadays, many cows are kept in cramped and unhygienic cages. They are not even milking when the milk volume meets the standard. Too heavy udders lead to a negative effect on the bones of the cows.

Dairy farms have to guarantee the grassland, living conditions as well as the milking process to meet the eligibility criteria. As I have carefully chosen the manufacturers who ensure their cows’ welfare, you can totally count on mentioned products.

Expiry Date

Although string cheese, like all other snacks, it has a quite long expiry date, because of its fresh ingredients, you should pay attention to this featuree. It would better to store it in your fridge but not too long.

Since it is quite small, it is usually dropped in the gaps of the compartments or in the corner of the refrigerator. You will probably forget it until cleanup refrigerator. Therefore, make sure to check expiry date right after receiving the order and before eating.

Nutrient Facts

One last thing that I would like to mention is the nutrient facts of string cheese. If you are following any diet, check the number of carbs, protein and sugar of each consuming product.


You can find the answers of some popular concerns in this part. If you have other questions, leave a comment at the end of the article.

Do you string your string cheese or bite it?

When I was little, I often string just to have fun and feel like a have a big stick. It is not a big deal whether it is biting or stringing. Biting into a stick is obviously faster and more hygienic.

Is String Cheese a healthy snack?

Definitely yes! String cheese provides you with vitamin D, fiber, vitamin C, and most importantly, calcium. It is also low in carbs and gluten free.

What happens if you eat too much String Cheese?

Just like all other dairy products, it is sometimes hard for your body to digest such an amount of milk. It is kind of weird saying that but… too much string cheese can cause bloating and constipation. Since it contains fiber, but not much, it would better to consume it with fresh fruits.

Why does string cheese taste better when pulled apart?

This may sound unscientific, but it’s true. When pulling apart, a larger surface of your cheese can “breathe”, allowing the cheese to shed aldehydes and ketones. By rejecting these substances, your cheese can get more flavor.

Why does my string cheese taste salty?

Salt is able to absorb almost all moisture and retain it. This is called “hygroscopic” capacity, which is very useful to prevent bacteria presenting in cheese from multiplying. Therefore, during cheese making process, salt is an indispensable component.


Among fifteen mentioned string cheeses, I highly recommend you Happy Belly Mozzarella String Cheese, which is my all time favorite snack for years. It has a great flavor, not quite strong but not too mild.

I extremely enjoy the upgraded package of Happy Belly string cheese. You just need to peel the pack and it is ready to eat. More than that, it is an Amazon brand so I can easily contact the producer to get my money back when there is mold in my package (it has never happened though but just in case).

This string cheese also comes in a very affordable price. To compare with other options in the same price level, I have to say that Happy Belly really outweighs its competitors in terms of quality.

Have you gotten any idea on which string cheese to buy after reading my article? I hope you enjoy it and have fun with your chosen string cheese!

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